Alberta Wide Show Updates

Download the ACACA AB Wide and Volunteer update for 2016

Paintings & Sculptures

Saturday, 31 January 2016
Option 1: 3 paintings measuring 616 sq. inches including frame
Option 2: 1 painting measuring 616 inches including frame at $10 and 1 painting measuring 1280 sq. inches including frame for $20.

Sculpture Restrictions:
No more than 25 pounds in weight
No larger than 20 inches by 20 inches
Made of stone, wood, bronze, jade, clay, bone, antlers, and/or precious metals
Sculptors must be a member of ACACA in good standing to enter Zone Show.
Must submit $10 fee per sculpture to Zone Show host by April 15, 2015
Sculptors will follow the rules and regulations which govern all shows put on by ACACA in the Province of Alberta.

Alberta Wide Art Exhibit at The Loft Gallery

The Loft Gallery-SU16-Q-1_001
Alberta Wide Art Exhibit