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Alberta Community Art Clubs Association

Become a Member Guide

Alberta Community Art Clubs Association

Become a Member Guide


The Alberta Community Art Clubs Association (ACACA) show season entry requirements have been established to ensure every member in good standing has a fair and equitable opportunity to participate in the sanctioned Zone (regional), AB Wide (provincial) and the Best of the Best (Alberta Spirit) Shows.

Host Clubs must have a Club Membership in good standing by February 28 of each current year in order to host any ACACA show.

Individual membership in good standing is required to participate in any ACACA Show.

All members must have this membership over and above their Club Memberships and may enter in only one Zone Show – North, Central or South.

Guidelines for ACACA Talent Levels

ACACA membership is not exclusive. It is open to all individuals and art clubs in Alberta who share the ideals of the organization. Artists are always invited to be a part of our organization. Membership at present is about 200 with 20 clubs registered as members. Membership is currently made up of the following Talent Levels:


Artists between fifteen (15) and eighteen (18) years-of-age; no formal art training necessary.


Nineteen (19) years-of-age and older; no formal art training necessary.


May have up to one year of formal post-secondary art training or have worked for two years or more in any art medium; or, have won the Beginner’s Level Award at the ACACA Alberta Wide Show.


Have been enrolled for more than one year in a post-secondary art program; or, have won the Intermediate Level Award at the ACACA Alberta Wide Show.


Graduate of a post-secondary Art program; or, have received a BFA or MFA; or instructs formal classes in art; or have won an Advanced Level Award at the ACACA Alberta Wide Show. A Master level artist does not automatically move to the Signature level. The ACACA Board of Directors votes to move artist to the Signature Level.

Signature Member

The ACACA Board of Directors votes to move Master Level artist to the Signature Level; qualified artist is then invited to move to the Signature Level by the President on behalf of the ACACA.

  1. Any artist must move up a talent level after the four (4) year limit in an art category.
  2. Any artist may be asked to move up a talent level prior to the four (4) year limit on Juror’s Recommendation at ACACA sanctioned event.
  3. An ACACA member who wins an award in the AB Wide Show is required to move up to the next talent level.
  4. Award winners may not move back to their former level.

Artist Statements

It is suggested that our members submit an ARTIST STATEMENT and/or BIO, with a photo of the artwork, they are submitting to the show.

Of course, this was and still is not mandatory, however, viewers and collectors like to know more about the artist, especially when they are considering buying their art. At various ACACA Shows, both members and visitors alike make a beeline to read the ACACA Artist Statements Binder. In the past paintings that were sold at the Zone shows and the Alberta Wide and Spirit Shows, Artists’ Statements possibly are to be accredited in part to making available to the buyer this information on the artist.

After the shows, all of these statements will be archived with our Historian and create wonderful record of our members and their art or used in the following years.

Signing into Online Membership

  1. Go to Membership Icon on the Bar at top. Click Mouse on Membership.
  2. Scroll down to “Renew/Become a Member.
  3. Slide Mouse over to “Online Individual/Club Application. Click on it. An online application appears.
  4. Fill in all of the white areas as designated by clicking on them, type in information required, and pick the right choices from list given.
  5. When at the bottom, click “Submit” and it will show “Sending”.
  6. Pay with PayPal will come up.
  7. Put in your email address. Click on “Pay with Debit or Credit Card”.
  8. Scroll down to “Canada”. Click on it.
  9. Put in your email address, as requested.
  10. Pay with Debit or Credit Card will Come up.
  11. Fill in all of the information.
  12. Click on “Pay Now as Guest”.
  13. A “Green” arrow will come up and then you will be taken back to the Website.
  14. Check your email address for a receipt.

Zone Show Boundaries

The Alberta Zone Shows Are Divided Into 3 Zones


Northern Zone

North of Hwy. 14 to Alberta/NWT border, includes City of Edmonton. Recent hosts for Northern Zone Shows include St. Paul and RedWater Art Clubs.


South of Hwy. 14, North of Hwy. 9. Recent hosts for Central Zone Shows include Chuck McLean Arts Centre – Camrose.


South of Hwy. 9 to Alberta/Montana border, south of Hwy. 1 (west of Calgary), includes City of Calgary. Recent Hosts for Southern Zone Shows include Crow Buttes Artists – Duchess, and Oldman River Arts Club – Barnwell.

ACACA Members along boundary lines may choose to exhibit in either zone, but ONLY one zone for the Show Season at ACACA sanctioned events.

ACACA Clubs along boundary lines may choose to host a Zone Show in either zone, but ONLY one zone, with pre-approval of ACACA Executive Board prior to Zone Show hosting deadline.

About Us

Who we are, what we stand for, read more


Who We Are

The Alberta Community Art Clubs Association aims at uniting, serving and networking with artists throughout the province. Our goals are to foster and maintain instruction in art and to develop an interest in the knowledge of art and culture in the communities throughout the province.


ACACA fills a unique niche in promoting the arts in the province of Alberta by sponsoring three juried art shows annually, hosted by art clubs from different communities each year.

Find Us Online

ACACA can be found elsewhere online, in addition to our website.

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