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Permanent Collection

The ACACA Permanent Collection of Artwork


Portrait of Lillian Nunn

Artist: Pearl Brunner
Town: Westerose
Media: Pencil and Ink, 1982


Artist: Lillian Nunn
Town: Lacombe
Media: Oil, 1982

Sweet Bloom

Artist: Donna MacLean
Town: Medicine Hat
Media: Acrylic, 1970

The Scream

Artist: Dorothy Gardner
Town: Ponoka
Media: Collage, 1981

Still Life

Artist: Margaret Seelye
Town: Red Deer
Media: Acrylic, 1977

Flower Texture

Artist: Juuta Zaun
Town: High River
Media: Etching, 1984


Artist: Beth Jantzie
Town: Vista SW of Pincher Creek
Media: Oil, 1984

Pattern of the Land

Artist: Martha Houston
Town: High River
Media: Watercolor, 1980

Market in Vancouver

Artist: Esther Dahms
Town: Wetaskiwin
Media: Oil, 1982

Gulf Islands 84

Artist: Jean Chubb
Town: Bon Accord
Media: Mixed Media, 1985

Jacuzzi (au Matisse)

Artist: Don Jantzie
Town: Calgary
Media: Oil, 1987

Hillside Farm

Artist: Jeannette Osborne
Town: Hinton
Year: 1987

Professor Wohlfarth

Artist: Pearl Bunner
Town: Westerose
Media: Acrylic, 1987


Artist: Hildur Sherbeck
Town: Wetaskiwin
Media: Oil, 1987

The Dancers

Artist: Connie McFarland
Town: Vulcan
Year: Oil, 1988

Lunch Time

Artist: Annie Pearson
Town: Red Deer
Media: Acrylic, 1988

Rundle in Winter

Artist: Walter J. Phillips
Media: Woodcut, 1989

The Art Club

Artist: Jean Stephenson
Town: High River
Year: Oil, 1989

Fish Lake Flats

Artist: Peggy Shannon
Town: Hinton
Media: Pencil, 1989

Badlands Cave, Donalda

Artist: Dorothy Ruff
Town: Wetaskiwin
Media: Acrylic, 1982

Garden Trash

Artist: George Walker
Town: Vulcan
Year: Watercolour, 1989

A Little Creek

Artist: Joanne Emery
Town: Camp Creek
Media: Acrylic, 1990

Evening Shadows

Artist: Kaye Duncanson
Town: Calgary
Media: Oil, 1991


Artist: Mary Lee Small
Town: St. Albert
Year: Oil, 1993

Hauzenberger Haven

Artist: Doreen Stachniak
Town: Redwater
Media: Watercolour, 1994

Old Strathcona

Artist: Judy Zinyk
Town: Redwater
Media: Oil, 1995


Artist: Linda Wadley
Town: Hinton
Year: Oil, 1996

Rocky Rapids Store

Artist: Peter Jacobs
Town: Drayton Valley
Media: Watercolour, 1997

$1.99 a Bunch

Artist: S. Vera Morgan
Town: Calgary
Media: Watercolour, 1999

Hatchery Chicks

Artist: Diane Rukavina
Town: Edson
Year: Pastel, 2000

Fleeting Image

Artist: Marjorie Tidsbury
Town: Gibbons
Media: Acrylic, 2001

Snowpatch Peak at the Bugaboos

Artist: Margaret Metcalf
Town: Sylvan Lake
Media: Acrylic, 1977


Artist: Susan Barker
Town: Red Deer
Year: Watercolour, 2006

The Traveler

Artist: Patricia Trudeau
Town: St. Albert
Media: Acrylic, 2004

Yellow Bearded Iris

Artist: Marcia Schmidt
Town: Lacombe
Media: Oil, 2007

Vantage Point

Artist: Susan Barker
Town: Red Deer
Year: Watercolour, 2009

Fall Patio

Artist: Dessirrie Plewis
Town: Sherwood Park
Year: 2010

After the Bloom

Artist: Heather Dodd
Town: Pincher Creek
Year: 2011

Crystal's Choice

Artist: Christel Langan
Year: 2014

The Great Spirit

Artist: Hans G Rohner
Town: Elk Point
Year: 2016

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The Alberta Community Art Clubs Association aims at uniting, serving and networking with artists throughout the province. Our goals are to foster and maintain instruction in art and to develop an interest in the knowledge of art and culture in the communities throughout the province.


ACACA fills a unique niche in promoting the arts in the province of Alberta by sponsoring three juried art shows annually, hosted by art clubs from different communities each year.

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