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Alberta Community Art Clubs Association

Title Cards for Zone Show

Alberta Community Art Clubs Association

Title Cards for artwork in the Zone Shows


These Title Cards can be filled in from a copy of the Consignment Sheets which are filled in at the time the Registration of Art Forms (2 pages) once they are received soon after the mailing by the Artist to the Host Club.  The deadline for the registration forms, which is April 1st, has attached to them the payment of monies owed for each piece of art entered into the Zone Shows by the Artist.  50% of all registration fees stay with the Host Club with the remaining 50% sent to the ACACA after the close of the show.

There are consignment sheets for each Category and Talent Level.  On the far-left column of the Consignment sheet, there is a Control Number, and it is important that you give each piece of art a Control number so that this number can be affixed to the back of the Title Card with the Title and Category of the Art received. 

The back of the Title Card is what the jurors will see when they pick the winners of the Categories in the Talent levels of all artists.  If you use thick enough paper for the Title cards, the penciled on the back of the cards will not show through to the front.  Once the jurying is completed, then the Title Cards are turned over showing all the information needed for the Art in the Show.  The blue dots are then affixed to the front to designate ranking as follows:  1 dot means that the pieces of art are going on to the Alberta Wide show along with the winning pieces to be juried again with a complete new set of jurors.  2 dots mean that the pieces of art have won an award in their Talent level.  3 dots mean that this one piece of art has won the Jurors’ Choice Award. 

The last winning piece that accompanies the winners to the Alberta Wide show is the Peoples’ Choice and that is awarded by the Host Club and is voted on by the viewing public.  Most often, the Host Club awards and recognizes the winner with a gift from that Club. 

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Who We Are

The Alberta Community Art Clubs Association aims at uniting, serving and networking with artists throughout the province. Our goals are to foster and maintain instruction in art and to develop an interest in the knowledge of art and culture in the communities throughout the province.


ACACA fills a unique niche in promoting the arts in the province of Alberta by sponsoring three juried art shows annually, hosted by art clubs from different communities each year.

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